A Faith Driven
NFT Platform

Lightdao a social project for Christian creators, enables them to create, share, and inspire while supporting Christian projects through the sales of their NFTs.


Be The Light

Faith Driven, Social Impact

NFT Support charity and Social Impact

Decentralized NFT Platform

Buy, sell, and even resell other’s items.

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NFT for Good Causes

Raise fund through NFTs

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LightDao Community

Here to support and love one another

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Why build Faith-based NFT platform?

Lightdao is an NFT platform for Christian creators to display their Christian-themed content and support Christian projects through the sales of their NFTs.


We are a team of havs in-depth knowledge of NFTs, We can guide charities through the process of creating and selling NFTs with ease and efficiency, helping you achieve your fundraising goals and maximize your impact.

Access to Web3 Space

LightDao can help charities get into the Web3 space, with our guidance, charities can leverage the benefits of this new technology and stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving digital landscape and expand your community.

Inspire GenXYZ

At LightDAO, our mission is to empower Christians through blockchain technology. We’re here to support you and help you succeed in the digital metaverse space. Let’s create a brighter future for content together!


LightDao is a social project with a mission to help charities maximize their impact. By using NFTs for fundraising, charities can reach new audiences, ultimately supporting their mission and creating positive change in the world.


A good service
for a good cause

Use our LightDao platform with a user friendly interface to launch,
manage and sell your own digital assets to support christian charities


Low Flat Fees



This is roadmap for the project

March 2022

LightDao Project is Born

The project is born

Q3 2022

LightDao NFT Genesis Pass

First public sale of LightDao NFT Genesis Pass

Q4 2022

LightNFT launch

Widespread deployments LightNFT to support charity to rise fund

Jan 2023

Consulting Service

LightDao's consulting service started

Q1 2023

Community Building

Widespread deployments with more partners and developers.

Q2 2023

LightDao Fundrasing

Networking and Fundrasing

Q1 2024

LightNFT Desktop

Desktop beta


The Team Behind LightDao

LightDao has assembled a faith-driven Christians, strategic and design
team with collective experiences from all around the world.




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Blockchain Lead



Coding Master


Shawn Knight

Product Lead



Impact Recruitment



Community Leader


Brilliant Partners
of LightDao

And we’re just getting started.


LightDao FAQ

FaithDriven NFT | Inspire GenXYZ | Support charity | Social Impact

Who started this project?

A group of Jesus followers in the crypto space.

What is the legal entity of LightDao

We run as a social enterprise in the UK, we will run as DAO in the future if UK law changes.

How would your LightNFT support charity?

In order we build our own platform, we will release our own LightDao NFTs for sale in order to raise funds for our project. Each NFT sale will slip into 50% to the charity funds, and 50% will towards our project funds. After we build our platform, people could trade and sell their NFTs for good cause.

What's different between the LightNFT marketplace and the Opensea, Rarible etc?

The difference is that we will focus on Christian faith-based NFTs and our platform, new experiencing.

What is the LightDao Project?

LightDao is a social project that helps charities enter the Web3 space and leverage the power of NFTs for fundraising. The company is now offering a comprehensive consulting service to help charities understand and utilize NFTs to raise funds and awareness for their causes.

How can I get involved?

Join our Discord chat!

Are you only support Christian charities?

We will start with Christian charity partners first and expand to other charities at a later stage.

What is the LightDao Genesis Pass?

Future free NFTs airdrops, discounts on Lightvision NFT frame, and access discounts to LightDao business partners
Now available to purchase here


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